Our Team


Our Team

MOSES GROSS, Founder and CEO


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Moses started his passion for real estate by working closely with significant corporate companies on investment and fiscal strategy. As he successfully promoted the closing of hundreds of real estate investments, he knew he had a knack for showing clients and investors how to grow their wealth through real estate. His entrepreneurial spirit and his talent for identifying growth opportunities led him to create the ANM Group. Moses has always had a sincere appreciation for how smart real estate investments can bring value to his clients, investors, and surrounding community.

Under Moses’s leadership, ANM Group has become a respected commercial and residential real estate management firm in the industry. His ability to develop long-term relationships and knowledge of the latest demands and trends has fueled the company’s success. Moses has not only built a fast-growing real estate firm, but has also created an energetic work environment, run by a team of professionals. Today, ANM Group successfully manages hundreds of real estate transactions a year while continuing to manage and consult on client’s assets, properties, and construction improvements.




Michael Ursini-Managing Director, directs the firm’s investment strategies and financing efforts. Michael has 25 years’ experience in all aspects of real estate development and has worked across multiple property types, including office, industrial, multi-family residential, retail, and mixed-use. His expertise, which touches all phases of development, includes sourcing and negotiating land acquisitions, structuring transaction financing, and orchestrating the design/build process from concept to completion. Previously, Michael worked in the private equity space, both investing in and facilitating capital opportunities for the deregulated energy and merchant capital sectors. In 2005, Michael established a real estate investment fund through a $150 million PPM and placed the funds in numerous commercial real estate deals along the East Coast of the United States. Michael earned a BS in Finance from Quinnipiac University. He was previously a member of the Connecticut Home Builder’s Association and currently is on the Board of Directors of Yale Jr. Hockey.

ZEV HOROWITZ, Director of Design and Development


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Zev has nearly 15 years of experience as an accomplished architectural designer and project manager. He is well versed in dealing with a wide range of development types and building scales, and has quickly become an essential part of our team.

As Director of Design and Development for ANM Group, Zev oversees the design and development of all projects in our company’s portfolio. He is responsible for project strategy, conceptualization, planning, and realization. Throughout the development process he acts as the key link and facilitator amongst our in house teams as well as the interface and coordinator of all outside consultant work. With Zev as our primary liaison we ensure the preservation of our company objectives, and his passion and exuberance gets channeled into all aspects of our projects. He is a constant innovator and utilizes his unique creative vision and multifaceted talents to efficiently lead projects.

MOSHE SCHREIBER, Director Acquisitions and Asset Management


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Moshe has a knack for financial forecasting and seeing the big picture. Throughout his career in real estate development, he has found success in effectively identifying valuable assets.

As Director of Finance and Acquisitions for ANM Group, Moshe is responsible for underwriting, researching, and analyzing the acquisitions of all commercial real estate investments. He constantly manages budgets of multiple properties along with influencing the strategic direction of our  investments. His role also includes the asset management of existing projects by overseeing investors risk and return, planning rent income and expenses, tracking complete project cash flows and finding the most value for our clients.

ESTY KLEIN, Office Manager


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Esty quickly fell in love with the real estate industry, and is the ultimate team player of the ANM Group team. She is a part of every investment property and current project as Office Manager and Executive Assistant. She directly handles all financial matters such as client billing, accounts payable, payroll, and banking. Esty’s positive and team-first attitude has helped her effectively oversee all administrative functions in the office along with offering operational support to the team.

AARON GROSS, Director of Operations


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Aaron is a true expert and a big reason ANM Group has successfully planned, developed and managed hundreds of properties.

Real estate has always been an interest of Aaron’s as he loves having a hand in projects that promote economic growth for local communities. Aaron built his way up through real estate as he started out in property management, and then moved to asset management, development, and consulting. Aaron takes pride in being a part of every aspect of a development project, and it’s this experience and drive that led him to become the Director of Operations for ANM Group.

Today, Aaron is responsible for supervising all areas of property management across all assets in ANM’s portfolio. He actively manages and oversees thousands of residential and commercial units, while maintaining the highest level of relationships with our tenants and vendors.

ERIC HAKANJIN, Executive Director | MG Builders


Eric simply knows how to ensure a development reaches its full potential. Since the beginning of his career, he knew he wanted to work in real estate development because of the variety of projects and people he got to meet along the way. His people skills and attention to detail has been a big reason for his rise to Executive Director of MG Builders, a division of ANM Group. Eric and his professional team at MG Builders have the ability to design, build and “get it done on time”.

You won’t find more people as prepared as Eric. As Executive Director of MG Builders, he plays a key role in initiating, planning, managing, and seeing each project through to completion. Today, his leadership is a crucial reason for the success of ANM Group and its internal construction services.

SARAH SASS, President | Watermark Center


1-231-727-0805 ext. 4206

Sarah is a driven, high energy professional who knows how to set up projects for long-term success. She started her career as a customer service representative for the Muskegon Mall in Muskegon, MI. It was here where she found her passion for marketing and real estate development. Over her ten-year tenure at Muskegon Mall, she held the position of Marketing Assistant, Event Coordinator, Marketing Director, and General Manager.

Today, Sarah is a licensed real estate agent for ANM Real Estate LLC and is the President and Project Manager for the 1,000,000-square foot property, the Watermark Center. She is responsible for the branding, positioning, advertising, and all media relations for the property, along with working closely with various contractors, the City of Muskegon, developers, architects, tenants, and the owners. It’s her vision and drive that makes the Watermark Center the thriving community it is today. Sarah continues to stay active in the Muskegon community as she is the chairperson of the Muskegon Summer Celebration Public Relations, Muskegon Air Fair Kids Hangar, and Muskegon Summer Celebration VIP Chalet.

BEN OKONOV, Project Manager | Kay Millicent Group



Ben is the definition of a leader. Since the start of his career, Ben has always had a sharp eye for how to develop and manage flourishing properties. His strong communication and client service skills have helped the Kay Millicent Group become a successful project.

As Kay Millicent Project Manager, he is responsible for the development of multiple successful projects. He works as the liaison between the various contractors, the City of Buffalo, developers, architects, and tenants. From start to finish, Ben ensures each project gets completed on time and within budget. Today, Ben stays active in his local community and continues to develop relationships and work on projects that bring value to his clients and residents.