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Asset Management

ANM provides facilities management and financial overview services that work jointly with its property management division or third party managers. ANM provides expert advice in determining the strategic direction of assets based on its successful history acquisitions, financings, operations and valuations. Its team creates customized solutions that maximize the value of each individual real estate investment and has strong record of creating innovative acquisition structures to capture opportunities across the capital markets.

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Property Appreciation

ANM offers a complete selection of property appreciation services to help owners maximize the value of their assets. In addition to improving asset value, ANM's extensive network and experience are available to position and promote properties to the greatest number of qualified buyers and create innovative acquisition structures to capture the best opportunities for transfers.

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Property Management

ANM has over 20 years of real estate management experience and is recognized as a leader in property management of commercial property throughout the United States.

Effective property management is the key component for any successful real estate investment and ANM's operational knowledge, state-of-the-art software and teamwork deliver market-leading asset performance. ANM manages each property from an ownership perspective, implementing an individualized, proactive and strategic approach to achieving the owner's goals, ensuring the assets are aggressively and actively managed.

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Construction | MG Builders Corp

ANM's internal construction department, under the brand of MG Builders Inc., is positioned to manage any level of building improvements, building completion and provide expert analysis on building expansion or contraction. MG Builders maintains working relationships with an expansive list of approved vendors to make sure every component of a project is handled with the right level of expertise and stays on budget. Due to its volume of construction work, the Company is often able to offer a more economical solution than other providers.

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